Speech of Dean


I have the pleasure to extend a greeting full of respect and appreciation to my dear students of University of Gezira, the rich present of Sudan and its prosperous and bright future with the expectations of your youth transitions, as you select through your true awareness and faithful conviction to join the University of glory, dignity and pride; University of Gezira which is distinctive for its academic and scientific philosophy, backed by diligent scholars and scientists of high knowledge, great achievements and devotion for serving University of Gezira Institution, which deserves to exert utmost effort for it. Dear male and female Students The Deanship of Students’ Affairs has the pleasure to extend to you an address of appreciation, its words are associated with care and attention programs. The deanship, as always known for, shall remain keen to open intellectual and cultural dialogue doors, exert faithful effort to create nice horizons to explore creative persons, open its doors to refine the talented students of our country and the leaders of Sudan’s future.

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